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​​​​​​​A True Account of Survival & Hope

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The Transformative Power of the Near Death Experience

"This book will do more to release humanity from it's fear of dying than any book in recent history"  Neale Donald Walsch 

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Twenty-Seconds was born from a dream to make a difference.  Love and compassion literally saved my life.  It is clear that one person can make a difference in the life of someone else.  It is my calling to share what I have learned about the magnificent power that is inside us all. This isn't just a book - it's hopefully a movement to restore humanity with hope and compassion. We are more remarkable than we know.


Robert was born and raised in northern Vermont. He is a decorated Veteran of the US Army where he served as a Combat Medic with the 118th Airborne Corp. He later served with the National Guard as a Helicopter Paramedic. Robert’s career after the military led him into Law Enforcement in New Hampshire. After being hired as the youngest Chief of Police in the country, Robert changed careers the day after arresting the entire board of selectman in his own town. Robert then became an Investigator and trainer in locating missing persons, and later began a career in the finance world. After that, Robert spent the next 18 years in the automotive industry training sales management and finance professionals in the difference of positive thinking and energy and its impact on our success. Robert became an Accredited National Speaker and Trainer and traveled around the country teaching until his illness in February, 2011. Robert spent the next four years battling multiple diseases and surgeries in a fight for his life, including a journey through Hospice. But he never did it alone. That is the most important point in his entire life, he believes. The power of a team collectively has been a compelling aspect of his career in life and his brushes with death. Robert now lives in Arizona enjoying his survival.

Never underestimate the power of compassion

I believe in the power of the written word. I've seen it transform lives first hand. The very energy one bleeds forth onto a page is felt by each reader.  It is a powerful thing.

When I first considered writing a book, most thought it would be a book about Near Death Experiences. But what could I possibly offer the world that hasn't been done by scientists and researchers already? It has become clear to me along the way that taking a position in a writing and trying to convince someone of a belief is really quite futile. But I do believe that if you enter into a new experience attached with great emotion, it can leave a lasting impact. Not unlike your first kiss or 9/11. 

My book is an emotional journey of great suffering for sure.  It nearly killed me writing it.  But my story is about more than just pain and dying. It's a story about survival and hope and compassion. It's quite simply a love story through and through. It's a story of our remarkable power to make a difference and my lifelong commitment to share it with the world.

Now I have the daily privilege of using words and energy to help bring important issues to the forefront, and positive change to people and their communities by just simply telling my remarkable story. This book will launch a campaign called "Give a Buck" to help others in dire medical need like I once was. I hope this story moves you to act with compassion and love like that which saved me.  Together we can make a difference.  I hope you enjoy the experience.