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ROBERT TREMBLAY is one of the most sought-after speakers at IANDS and other conferences and symposiums, and at IANDS groups around the country. Robert was born and raised in northern Vermont. He is a decorated Veteran of the US Army where he served as a Combat Medic with the 118th Airborne Corp. He later served with the National Guard as a Helicopter Paramedic. Robert’s career after the military led him into Law Enforcement in New Hampshire. After being hired as the youngest Chief of Police in the country, Robert changed careers the day after arresting the entire board of selectman in his own town. Robert then became an Investigator and trainer in locating missing persons, and later began a career in the finance world. After that, Robert spent the next 18 years in the automotive industry training sales management and finance professionals in the difference of positive thinking and energy and its impact on our success. Robert became an Accredited National Speaker and Trainer and traveled around the country teaching until his illness in February, 2011.

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